Like we have mentioned before in our previous blog, “Why Organic Cotton”, organic cotton has many benefits for not only humans but also for the environment.

In the process of thinking about whether or not to choose organic cotton for your child, keep in mind our skin is the largest organ in our body. This should motivate us to protect and take great care of it, especially in young children. When going to the beach, you put sunscreen on your child, right? After bath time, you apply a gentle lotion to keep their skin healthy and nourished, correct? Wouldn’t you want the best quality and healthiest version of clothing for them also? By the age of 5 years old, your child has already absorbed 35% of their lifetime’s worth of chemicals through their skin. By choosing organic cotton, you are helping limit the amount of chemicals put into your child’s body and giving them the safest and cleanest fabric to grow in. Making the choice of organic cotton is the better choice for you and your child.

Our Organic cotton products are not produced with any harsh chemicals, pesticides, insecticides or GMO’s. Even the dyes that we use are natural and free from dangerous heavy metals. This also makes our clothing incredibly softer and noticeably durable, much nicer than your average cotton clothing. The fibers are not broken down or damaged like they are in the processes that standard cotton clothing undergoes. From the beginning of harvest to the product reaching your home, we ensure no chemicals of any kind affect the cotton.

Many people have also found many health benefits when their children wear organic cotton. One of these is that organic cotton is very gentle on the skin. If your child has issues with eczema or other skin irritations, organic cotton is a great alternative to sooth their sore skin. Due to the lack of chemicals in the clothing, it is also less likely to give your child any type of allergic reaction. Much like applying lotion or sunscreen, organic cotton is just another example of a small change creating a major difference in the health of a child.

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