Along with our desire to include animal life and nature into our designs, we strive to keep our business as organic as possible. We use only organically grown cotton and natural elements in each of our products, including the process each item is grown and manufactured.

Most clothing material is grown in the masses, and while that process is faster, it includes unnatural additions to each plant to speed everything up. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms, which are used in mass production of non-organic farming. This makes the plant resistant to pesticides and insecticides, however, it’s not safe for the environment. Because the farming of organic cotton avoids exposure of chemicals, the clothing is noticeably softer and has long-lasting durability. Organic farming uses crop rotation in place of pesticides, which also promotes bio-diversity and cleaner water for villages. In developing countries, the death toll from chemical spills and poisoning is incredibly high, a number that hopefully decreases significantly as organic farming gains popularity.

The cotton that Snoots in Cahoots uses is also GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. GOTS institutes regulations for organic cotton production and each employee, regulations that imitate the laws of working conditions in the United States. Of several regulations, one in particular ensures that child labor does not exist and every employee is a willing adult, from the farm to the factory and everywhere in between. Knowing our product was not made by a child for another child is morally and ethically vital to our business. We believe in quality over quantity, from the start of our designs to the package arriving at your door (the bags your items come in are biodegradable also!).

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