So, let’s talk about poison prevention, particularly the dye in your clothes, your children’s clothes, and several other forms of textiles you may use daily. Who’s ready for today’s lesson? ♡

What’s the harm?

As many industries are discovering, several forms of clothing coloration are often made from ingredients that can be potentially hazardous to our bodies and the planet. Most clothing we wear is fabulously colored from synthetic dyes, made from materials as crazy as petroleum or coal. It’s common knowledge that these can harm the environment, but they’ve been recently traced to be carcinogenic, meaning cancer-causing. A frightening study showed after a child had one night’s wear of a typical pair of pajamas, the flame-retardant in the fibers was found in the child’s bloodstream. Children also absorb the largest percentage of their lifetime’s toxins within the first six years of their lives. Let that sink in (pun intended).

Why does this matter?

You may think, “It’s just going on my skin, I’m not ingesting it. How does this cause any damage?”. Unfortunately, what goes on our skin is just as important as what goes into our bodies. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and everything you come in contact with gets fought off by your internal organs. Your skin absorbs whatever it touches, including lotions, soaps, nail polish, skincare, everything else, but also the ingredients that are in each article of clothing. Your body then has to sort through what is harmful and what isn’t, causing your insides to work double-time just to keep you healthy & functioning. Did you know it’s surprisingly not “normal” to have skin issues, but we have normalized it as a society because it’s so common? This includes issues from acne to eczema to you name it. A lot of the time, if your body is trying to tell you it’s rejecting something, it shows up in your skin. The human body is capable of healing itself, but you have to provide it with the proper tools. Now that studies have found certain toxins in everyday items, evidence from using these items has led to conclusions of detrimental health issues such as endocrine diseases, cancer, central nervous system problems, and the list goes on.

What can you do?

Pay more attention to the BRANDS you purchase. Less than 1% of clothing is currently made with natural dyes (plant-based, water-based, etc.) but the companies that abide by healthier standards are typically loud and proud about what sets them apart. Conventional clothing production uses thousands of chemicals, responsible for a large percentage of water pollution alone (imagine how many BILLIONS of clothing is manufactured a year), and it’s not nearly as discussed as it should be. Brands that are conscious of this want their consumer (you!!) to understand that you’re not only saving your health but contributing to the good health of the earth when you choose to purchase alternatively.

What are the options?

Try shopping for clothing made with organic and plant-based dyes, and also go a step further and purchase clothing made FROM organic plants! We, of course, love organic cotton (♡) but it’s not the only option. Who doesn’t love variety?! Some other clean, safe alternatives include hemp, bamboo, and a bunch more. There are even recycled materials! The awareness of major issues is growing, which means the market is following accordingly. Poison prevention is more accessible than ever before. Opt for safer fabrics for you, and also for your children. Most of the time, organically grown & sourced clothing is much softer, better quality, and incredibly durable meaning it’ll last a while, (saving you $$$ in the long run) so it’s a win-win! (Not to mention the $$$ you will save in potential medical bills from avoiding toxic materials! Woohooooo!)

Snoots in Cahoots is dedicated to offering our audience clothing made from organic cotton and low impact dyes because we’ve seen firsthand how this has affected our children. The company was founded after a personal experience with skin rashes caused by exposure to the poison in the threads of typical clothing. We want the best for our children, and also the best for yours. We are willing and blessed to be there with you every step of the road to achieving a healthier, cleaner, toxic-free lifestyle for you and yours. Knowledge is power and power is limitless!

Click here to shop for our organic cotton children’s clothing. Let us know in the comments if you’d like an extensive list of like-minded companies offering alternative fabric choices. Be healthy!

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