When contemplating the official name for our organic cotton children’s clothing store, we struggled for quite some time with picking the perfect title. We wanted something fun and childlike, yet sophisticated, classic, and rustic. Many different names were discussed and voted on, but it wasn’t until we rattled off “Snoots in Cahoots” that we saw the potential we were looking for.

When thinking of my own children, I thought about how, as a mother, I am always feeling like they are in cahoots with something they know they shouldn’t be doing. Honestly, what children aren’t? I also thought about how I strive for them to enjoy their childhood in nature: learning, exploring, and imagining. I think it’s common for parents to want this idea for their children no matter where they live. A simplistic lifestyle is often desired but not often achieved in today’s world. We are blessed to live somewhere that allows my kids to spend time outside in the fresh air, all year-round.

With all of this in mind, we knew we wanted animals involved in some way throughout our entire business. It may sound strange but when thinking about the company names and animals, we fell in love with the snoot that was created and decided to make a point of having it in our logo and in our designs.

If you haven’t noticed it, all three of our main animals have the exact same nose. It looks similar to that of a pig nose, but keeps our animals distinct from looking like pigs. Putting together my thoughts of my kids always in cahoots, and incorporating our animals, brought us to “Snoots in Cahoots”.

Please know that everything we do and create is with our own circumstances and individual lives in mind, all to keep business personal, as it should be. We want the best for our kids and families, and the same goes for everything we offer. Desiring the best leads us to providing the best, whether it be the designs and colors we use or the materials our products are created with, but also the process it’s manufactured and delivered, and every step in-between.

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