IT’S October! My favorite month! (besides August because everyone loves their birthday month, but October hits on a different level.) Yes, I realize I am a few days late. No excuses… unless you want to hear them then, by all means, let me know. Otherwise, let’s jump right in!

September was a good month. We had a decent sales month so huge YAY for that! I attended the Oh’Baby Expo out in Illinois on the 15th, and to be totally honest, the trip was worth it even though we didn’t have the most impressive sales numbers. I met some wonderful people and my parents tagged along which was fun, not gonna lie. Yes, I enjoy spending time with the ‘rents. And I think they enjoy coming with me to the events since some of the sweet mommas let them hold their babies! (See the photo that my dad insists on taking of me at every event.) It was a new experience AND we will be attending a second market in Illinois with Induo Events in December! More details to follow on that. Overall, it was an exciting little trip.

Besides that, I spent a lot of time folding and doing inventory and folding some more and, oh yeah, doing inventory. Maybe I should add “Professional Baby Clothes Folder” to my Linkedin. That was lame. Anyway, I am pretty excited to announce that we will be offering some new up-cycled products in the near future! Dare I say, some items not just for the kiddos… stay tuned. I’m always saying “stay tuned” but I really mean it lol we have some cool ideas in the works. 

Finally, my favorite announcement: we have decided to extend The Give Back Campaign! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here for the deets. I am so proud of this movement. The word compassion has been coming up a lot in my life recently and to have a tangible approach of that concept has produced a different outcome. I cannot wait to deliver the bodysuits to the hospital. Please please PLEASE keep this campaign in the back of your mind if you plan on buying for a baby in the next few weeks. Remember, the process is buying one and giving one, so technically, two bodysuits for the price of one and you receive one and the other will be delivered to a child in need, by us. I believe the company Toms has a similar business model if you’re inspired and want to read more stories similar to ours. Click here to check out their impact plan.

My rough-draft calendar for the next Snoots phase is to start studying marketing like my life depends on it (because well, it does?) after inventory is finally updated and complete. Believe it or not, social media marketing is not my forte but in this day and age, it’s the most effective and wide-spread way to communicate. Just gotta suck it up and get to it, ya know? I also have a list of local and not so local small business contacts to, hopefully, take our line! I am highly anticipating that as well. Lots of busy work coming, but I am so ready for it. Bring it onnnn.

That’s about the gist for September! I will post the info for our next sale in the October or November blog so be looking for that. And now’s the time for the routine sentimental last paragraph that I know you all scroll down to read first before anything. (That was as joke.) Let me feed your hungry, eager minds with this: life is so short but perfect in its timing and existence, which I’m sure you are all already aware of but it’s a fact that continually reminds me to breathe. This year has grown me emotionally and mentally and I am in check with myself, my dreams, and my God more than ever. Every day is another mission to be compassionate, to embrace compassion, and to give so much because we have been given so much. And you can’t have compassion without passion, right? I have so much passion behind this little business but I’m also passionate for what God has laid out for my future, whether that be with Snoots or not. One day at a time is all I can do and I have gratitude that it’s truly all I need to experience at one time. So, maybe The Give Back Campaign is all I will have to show for this adventure, but if it has blessed another, it will be worth it… I hope there’s more to the story, though. 😉 Thanks again for keeping up. Love y’all. Peace out.



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