Here we are. Blog 11/12. Cyber Monday, y’all! I cannot believe it. November just FLEW by, almost as fast as me downing the gluten-free stuffing last Thursday !! Haha, I opened with a joke this time, proving that my writing skills continually evolve! Hope you’re proud, Mom. Let’s get started.

To be honest, November was slow. Good slow. Regrouping slow, if you will. Probably because October was so exciting, we needed a little gap to breathe. The month itself was fast but the grind was slow. Ew, “the grind”. What have I become. Anyway, the downtime allowed me to get my ducks in a row and, let me tell ya, I got my row straightened out all right. I have a minor case of “particularism”, some might call it OCD, but either way; I sleep better at night knowing my closet is color-coded and all the hangers are facing the same way. This applies to Snoots, as well. (See photo for reference.) It’s gotta be some type of psychology or something to describe the satisfaction I get seeing everything stacked by color, size, and style, with all the bins facing the same way, properly labeled and whatnot. And now I realize I’ve spent an entire paragraph talking about organizing! Please just silently acknowledge the benefits of the perfectionist in me and then we can move forward.

Danielle and I collectively decided to skip out on a sale we had planned for early December for a few reasons, the biggest being that we wanted to spend Thanksgiving with our families. I’m glad we did. That was the only other scheduled event we had for this year, so here’s to hoping that 2020 has a lot of open markets for us!

Speaking of 2020, about a month ago we planned out our rough draft calendar for the next year and I’m excited that we will have much more time to focus on marketing and sales. Expanding our line to The Poppy Peach and Mom & Baby Again has brought me so much joy, and I’m hoping to reach 10 new wholesalers in 2020. I don’t want to limit us to local stores, either! I would love to branch out across the U.S., meaning more traveling and more connections and more progress in so many ways. Ahh, it’s gonna be fun. If you feel led, please pray for us and that the upcoming year continually multiplies in growth, learning, and overall success. 

I know this post is a lot shorter than usual, but that’s okay. Sometimes, short and sweet is better. I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving, spent with those you love, and an abundance of foods you love. I’m refusing to allow myself to become dreary during these colder months as there is still so much wonderful all around. My dad so simply stated that “all things good in this world come only from Christ” over the holiday, and I don’t think there’s a better way to describe it. A slow month isn’t all bad, a less impressive sales month isn’t the end of the road, and the end of warm weather doesn’t change how blessed we are. As this year closes out, I can’t help but smile when I imagine the adventure 2020 will bring. I’m always looking ahead because I got 2020 vision. Oh look at that, I closed with a joke, too. Maybe I’ll be funnier next year!! Until next time, my friends.



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