Welcome back to the blog! If you’ve read the past few posts, you know I’ve been straying away from strictly business updates and digging into my personal stories and background and this post is piggy-backing on that! Gonna jump right in because I’m pretty excited about today’s topic: best organic cotton online stores for ADULTS! Happy at-home shopping!

I’ve been asked before about organic cotton clothing for adults and goodness, sometimes I wish Snoots was expanded to adults! However, I have done a bit of research (the word I use to replace shopping) around the interwebs and found some gems. Lucky for you, I have purchased from multiple companies so I’m here to give you an honest, consumer review on organic cotton clothes that I personally own! (Photo is a sweatshirt from www.weekday.com which I review down below!!) I realized I have quite the organic cotton arsenal, so hopefully, my recommendations can fit every size, style, budget, taste, or preference you may have. I’ve also tried some organic cotton sheets and towels so I could write a post about those as well in the future. I will link each clothing website below. Let’s get started!

Alternative Apparel
I love this brand. They have affordable men’s and women’s clothing, from basics to statement pieces. I have a pair of sweats from this company that I ordered from Thredup, which is an online resale store that I ADORE (seriously, if you’re looking to shop thrift, that’s the site to go. Designer items are marked like 70% off, it’s incredible). I’ve owned some tees in the past from this brand and they tend to be a thinner fabric which isn’t my personal preference, but I do recommend AA for those looking for a lighter fitting tee.
→ @alternativeapparel on Instagram

Wear Pact
One of my FAVES. I have purchased almost all of my basics from this company. They’re probably the most affordable option that’s very ethically and consciously sourced, making them very reliable in my opinion. I have tees, leggings, shorts, sleepwear, sweatshirts, sweatpants, bras, and underwear from Pact. The quality is great, too. Sometimes I’m wary of the quality when the price is lower but this company never disappoints. I would recommend this brand if you’re starting and looking for something on the lower budget side, men and women. They have everything, even baby items (but so do we, don’t forget hehe) and they recently added bedding and bath items to their store, but I haven’t tried those yet. 10/10 from me.
→ @wearpact on Instagram

Mate The Label
If you’re looking for that aesthetic organic cotton clothing with major LA vibes, Mate is for you! I’ve only purchased from here once because it is quite pricey for loungewear as a 21-year-old with limited dollas. I have a pair of sweats and a sweatshirt, and they’re both well-made. Seriously, the quality is unmatched of these items, as you can tell each piece is handmade and created in small batches. I love that the company is out of California and all of its products are made in the USA which is pretty dang cool. I know my Mate items will last probably the rest of my life so it’s worth the splurge in my opinion, but I don’t advise spending outside of your means. Their entire shop is beautiful and vibey and is part of the reason I want to visit Cali hahaha. 
→ @mate_the_label on Instagram

Toad & Co.
Up next we have Toad & Co., and I don’t own anything from here but I have purchased items for other people from here and they have reported back good things! It’s more of an outdoorsy, woodsy-type store which is great for those of you interested in hiking and outdoor activities. I bought my dad a waffle-long-sleeved shirt and he wears it pretty often (and always makes sure I can see that he’s wearing it) so I’m gonna assume it’s because he likes it and not just because it’s a gift from me hahaha. He’s so cute. But yes, I do recommend this place as well. High-quality items. Toad & Co. is a go.
→ @toadandcoclothing on Instagram

Synergy Clothing
This place. I love. Any item I have that isn’t considered a basic but is still made with organic cotton is from here. Such cute stuff and they have great sales!! I own a bomber jacket, turtleneck sweater, and heavy open-front sweater from here and I love them. I know I’ve been saying all of these companies have great quality but truly they do. The jacket is one of my all-time favorite items I own. It can be a little difficult to purchase based on the product photos since they don’t include the best angles or styles so I just tried to imagine myself wearing the items before I bought them and it worked out. I recommend. 10/10.
→ @synergyclothing on Instagram

This store is one of my frequent places to shop, and one day my curiosity led me to search for organic cotton on the site and sure enough, they’ve got it!! This store is considered a “fast-fashion” brand so keep that in mind. I purchased organic cotton JEANS from here and one of my all-time favorite organic cotton sweatshirts is from ASOS. ASOS is one of those stores that wholesale a bunch of brands so really the brand I purchased is a Swedish based company called Weekday. Not your typical items here either, the sweatshirt is so comfortable and oversized, I just love it. One of my forever favorite wholesale stores.
→ @asos on Instagram
→ @weekdayofficial on Instagram

And lastly, I have H&M. And although I love H&M, I am aware they are considered a “fast-fashion” brand, as well. They do offer affordable organic cotton items and to be honest in my review, I love my organic cotton tees and tank-tops from here. I applaud them for moving towards being a more environmentally conscious and ethically conscious brand. With that being said, yes I would recommend them and will probably purchase organic cotton items again. Like ASOS, they’re moving towards being stronger players in the fashion revolution, however, they aren’t as transparent as the other brands I mentioned above, which is why I listed ASOS and H&M last.
→ www2.hm.com/en_us/index.html
→ @hm on Instagram

So, now that I’ve written this, I realize I don’t have any photos of myself wearing these items so I can’t really provide you with a visual. However, that could be kinda fun!! Maybe June’s post can be a part two, as more of a lookbook of some of my outfits or I could even focus in on some of the brands I mentioned above and do individual full-blog reviews. Let me know if that would interest you. Also, let me know if you would like more blogs of this type. I would love to review my favorite thrifty stores and resale places (hint hint, Thredup!) and give you recommendations to shop as an informed consumer. Remember, check individual items for what the fabric is made of and that it’s GOTS certified organic. It should be listed in the garment details, usually listed to the left or right of the product. I took a screenshot of a product description from Pact that shows exactly what you’re buying. (See photo). If we want to live in a world that offers the best, then we must buy the best as well. There are

tons of other conscious brands out there I have yet to discover so I would love to be introduced to some of your favorites, if you have any. Anyway, I trust you all had a lovely May, despite the continued stay at home order. I am thrilled that restrictions are being lifted, slowly but surely. I hope to have more Snoots-related news in the near future. For now, I love you guys and I’m praying for each person that reads this. Enjoy the start of the summer!



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