It’s June 6th. And I’m writing the May update… yup.

Y’all. What a month. Honestly, the best way to describe it doesn’t include adjectives. The fact that this blog is going up almost a week into the next month speaks for itself.

We started off May at a sale in Grand Rapids that didn’t result in anything memorable other than some quality time spent with my mama. Ya win some, and ya lose some. We packed it all up and unpacked it again the very next weekend in Grand Haven. I did not attend this sale, however, Danielle reported that it went fairly smoothly! One good sale and one bad sale before May 12. Whew!! The following week, we scheduled a “heart-to-heart” meeting between all the members of Snoots. We talked about progress, plans, problems, praises, and finally, the dreaded *scream* green paper. To be transparent, I always get nervous with anything regarding budget even if it’s a good conversation (lol) which in this case, it was good AND necessary. With that being said, it was a solid meeting and the Snoots train is still chugging along. Slowly, but she’s a-moving. I might sound a little Debby-Downer about the whole thing, but I ensure you it matured me in the best way and I went home with a peaceful heart every night. And just thinking about how insanely busy those first two weeks were is giving me reminiscent anxiety LOL. Homegirl needs to calm down.

On a more cheerful note, Danielle and I had multiple conversations full of our next steps, goals, future plans, and everything in between. We’ve got some great things in the works! I’m excited to share them as they unfold. We’re still starry-eyed about the possibilities and opportunities we can both find in Snoots. In fact, I just told my mom that I truly believe in our business and our mission more now than I ever have. It’s amazing how something you never thought twice about can turn out to be one of your passions if you allow yourself to explore it by using your gifts. The organic, healthier lifestyle has positively impacted my life in almost every aspect and I wouldn’t change it for the world. And to think it all started with some teeny, tiny, baby clothes. Aww :’)

May, in general, is always a busy month for my family and Danielle’s alike. Our neighboring city, Holland, has its annual Tulip Time Festival to kick off the month which I still love to this day, but it definitely makes the atmosphere around West Michigan pretty high-energy and crazy, both good and bad. Tourism is HUGE this time of year with the festivities and the weather warming up for visitors to vacation on Lake Michigan and we are right in the epicenter of the hustle and bustle. The carnival literally comes to town. As if that wasn’t enough, my sweet dad turned 50 (!!!) on the 12th. My family and I somehow pulled off TWO surprise parties for him. It was unforgettable. Lots of planning and lots of secrets… but I realized I’m more capable of being a spy or private investigator than I assumed. Future career, maybe?

That brings us to Memorial Day Weekend. Snoots calmed down a bit. Our adult Baltic Amber jewelry we ordered finally arrived and they’re GORGEOUS. All-new necklace and bracelet styles we haven’t sold before. They’ve been flying off the shelves, so to speak, since we released them. We don’t have them available for purchase through the website, but you can email us at or message us through Facebook Messenger to grab ’em before they’re gone. I posted some photos of them on our social media outlets, also. 

The last big part of May was preparing for an event in early June that celebrated the grand opening of a holistic doctor’s office near us. Not to give away too many spoilers but I have a LOT of news to share about it. Good, exciting news. However, you’ll have to wait to hear about it in the June blog post. I know, I know, the anticipation is cruel, but it’ll be worth the delay. Let’s just hope I get that one up on time… Go me.

To sum it up, May was just as interesting as the past few months. Just a little bit overloaded than the typical 30-ish days (see photo of my calendar for instant stress). All for good reason. We definitely learned a lot and expressed our thoughts and feelings through prayer, and we plan to take whatever adventure comes our way. Please continue to pray for us and for the business in that we can find peace of heart/mind/soul wherever this takes us and peace in following God’s plan. There is power in prayer and it takes a village to create something beautiful. We are forever grateful for the support we received and continue to feel from our friends, family, community, and customers. You are the best ever!

And this is where we depart. Thanks for reading along and if you’ve kept up with the blogs, thank YOU for following us on this journey. And reading my stuff. That’s pretty cool. Until next time my internet friends. XO,


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