March! What a great month! I hope you all had as fun of a March as we did. I’m thrilled to have so much to share about it, too!

I started the month out on vacation, and came back with even more to celebrate. Before I left, we decided to advertise our new video on our Facebook (click here if you haven’t seen it yet!) We had a vague idea of how it would perform for us, but it was just a prediction. I suppose that’s what makes business fun 😉 We were anticipating possibly 40-50 new page likes and/or several likes on the video, which would’ve been awesome for us. We wanted to get to that 250-300 total page likes mark as we had just hit 200 earlier this year. YA’LL. We had 330 NEW page likes and our video had THOUSANDS of views!!! Exceeded our expectations with flying colors. It was definitely something to write home about, if you know what I mean lol. Thank you to everyone that liked, shared, and helped promote the video! I’m motivated to create more visual ads asap. It was so worth it!

On top of the excitement early in the month, we brought our line to a market in Spring Lake, Michigan, on St. Patrick’s Day and it was a blast! There was lovely live indie music, tons of artisan vendors, amazing food, and my personal favorite, COTTON CANDY made from organic sugars. Um, yes please. We met some sweet new customers, sold some baby clothes, and had an all-around great time. We definitely want to return to another Merchants and Makers event in the near future

Speaking of markets, we actually have another one coming up quite soon! For our really local friends, hopefully you can make it out to this one as it’s in between our hometowns. We have never attended a market at the Civic Center, and we’re honored for this to be our first as there is a fundraiser to support a non-profit that helps teenage girls receive educations and gain life skills in Uganda! The market will have over 80 vendors including vintage decor, woodworking, jewelry, antiques, repurposed finds, home decor, sports items, health & beauty, apparel, and a whole bunch more! There will also be booths with popular brands such as Young Living, Avon, Norwex, Pink Zebra, Thirty-One, Noonday and so many more! There’s also face-painting for the kiddos 🙂 Like usual, I will be sending an email out with all the details and I’ll post info on our Instagram and Facebook, but for now, here are the basics:

Saturday, April 6th – Macatawa Marketplace / Craft & Vendor Fair hosted by Freedom Goods
Sale times: 9am – 2pm // Possible small entry fee
Holland Civic Center
150 W 8th St
Holland, Michigan 49423

Oh! We also joined an online wholesaling site where businesses can research our products and purchase them to sell in their stores. It’s called and so far, so good! We’ve already had some interest in our organic cotton across the USA. If you or someone you know runs a store and would like to sell our line, you can reach out to us through our Contact Us page or through Faire! (I linked our account) There are a lot of other products and clothing lines available on there to look at, also. It’s pretty darn cool! Highly recommend checking it out.

So, that’s the gist for March. It was wonderful. It was exciting. It was rewarding. I’m truly glad I started this monthly blog update for many reasons, but my favorite is just to look back on the achievements we’ve made in only 28-31 days. I’m a pretty reminiscent and sentimental person (if you couldn’t tell lol) and these updates are a reminder that we really have come far and the future is looking great. Thanks again to all of you, we couldn’t do it without you and your support! Much love ♥

Welllllll- April is right around the corner and May will be here sooner than we know, so, until then! XO,


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