Hi, there! It feels like forever since I’ve written a blog because it HAS been forever! No, you’re not thinking things, it’s true: I didn’t write a post for June. I did not have much to share and as much as I loved pretending to be an influencer (please never call me one, no offense to “real” influencers I just personally hate that title with every cell in my angry body) in the May blog, I didn’t want to write a back-to-back “what’s in my bedroom” article about organic cotton sheets. So for the first time ever, I bring you a double-update! Sounds kinda cool. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover so let’s get started!

June was meh in terms of work. I did a little here, did a little there, but nothing was life-altering in any way. The joys of being at home 90% of the time. No, that didn’t discourage me for July, it probably prepared me for the slam of busy that was July. Seriously, when things started happening I immediately started thinking about this post and how excited I was to have so much to share (finally!). I can’t even recall the order of events in the past month so it’s all gonna come out in a hopefully comprehensive way. We had our BEST MONTH on Etsy, EVER. For reals. Since we’ve been open. Best. Month. Ever. During a dang pandemic. I visited the Shipping Department several times a week dropping off all kinds of goodies, and I was shocked to discover that our solid Mediterranean and Caribbean tees were the customer favorites! Thank you, Etsy!! We also had several website orders right alongside those so it was a

great sales month. Thank you to our new customers and a special thank you to our returning customers. You’re the bee’s knees. We almost sold out completely of our adult amber, however, we are in the process of getting some brand-new jewelry in stock. AND, per several requests, we will be adding a spot on the website for you to order adult amber bracelets and necklaces directly! I can’t wait for you all to see the new items coming soon. There will be new stones, styles, colors, shapes, adjustable length bracelets, and some styles for MEN. I will be posting them as soon as they arrive!

I had the pleasure of hosting a marketing weekend in the Merchants and Makers Facebook group that Snoots is a member of and that was fun! Our Facebook presence shot up from the exposure and it’s always so sweet to read the kind comments left on our social posts. If you haven’t joined the group yet, I highly recommend it (I linked it above)! Buying local and shopping from small businesses is incredibly important, especially right now, and the different makers and shops in the group are operated by hard-working entrepreneurs. The majority of shop-owners are fellow Michiganders, too! There are unique products in several different categories for whatever you may be looking for so definitely check it out!

Last, but certainly not least, I have some super exciting wonderful awesome happy answer-to-prayer news… we are in another store in West Michigan! I am over the moon! There is a brand new shop downtown Holland called Ivy and Brick Market, and we have the utmost pleasure of being one of their vendors! It’s located on River Avenue in the old Urban Found building, in the same stretch as Fricano’s and Gezellig. Brick and Ivy has so many beautiful products, from clothing to home decor to baby clothing and toys and swaddles to reusable kitchen bags and accessories and just so many special items, almost all from local vendors. The soft-opening was on August 1st, and unfortunately, I was not in town to experience it, but I heard the turn-out was just fabulous. To all my West-Michigan readers, please stop in there sometime and have a look around! The owner is a lovely woman and she put her heart and soul into creating a special boutique atmosphere so you’ll have the optimal shopping experience. I can’t brag about it enough lol you’ll have to go and see it for yourself! (Click here for their Facebook page, click here to follow Brick and Ivy Market on Instagram, and click here to read the Holland Sentinel’s article about the opening.)

I am learning so much every single day of this strange year. I think lately God has been showing me that nothing ever phases Him and He remains the same today, tomorrow, next week, as He was yesterday and the rest of history. That truth is special to hold onto when something seemingly tragic occurs day in and day out in society. Sure, we have slow months at work and it can feel like we’re never going to reach our goals, but feelings are temporary. Feelings determine our thoughts which determine how we live and breathe and function, and as dark as life can be, choosing to fill my mind with God’s truth is the only reliable light that brings me through the tunnel. It’s a choice to be grateful and not what I always choose, but what I wish I did. So, at this moment, I am grateful for the exciting new chapters for Snoots, grateful to be turning 22 in exactly a week, grateful for family, friends, and shelter, and so grateful for all of you (which I also would put in the friend category). Cheers to a new month, and a wild one at that. Until next time… I can’t even say next month anymore because who knows if I will muster enough info worthy of sharing in 30 or so days. Anyway, happy August (the best month!!).



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