Happy half-birthday to 2019! Yup, this blog is a few days late also. I could list some excuses but let’s be real, none of us wanna hear those anyway so just believe me when I say I’ll try harder for July to be on time. Okay, let’s get into it:

June was SO FUN… as promised, I can finally share about the unique sale we went to! A new holistic clinic in Holland, Custom Wellness Center, had a ribbon-cutting vendor sale to celebrate their grand opening! What a cool idea, right? I honestly had no expectations for the turnout but it went fantastic. I met so many local kind-hearted, genuine, natural-living enthusiasts, ate amazing organic food, and to top it off, we made quite a few sales! We were not anticipating how great it went but I’m so thankful. It was perfect for us and personally gave me a boost of confidence for the coming months. I highly suggest checking out Custom Wellness if you’re in the Holland area and you’re looking for a naturopathic practitioner that truly cares about your health with the nicest staff! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them over the past month.

Overall, we had a nice sales month so YAY for that. Our new adult amber has gone pretty fast. We still have some styles in stock so if you’re interested you can email us at contactus@snootsincahoots.com or message us on Facebook. Which leads me to another exciting newsflash: Custom Wellness will soon have our baltic amber jewelry available for purchase at their clinic! Stop in there to grab adult and kiddo sizes in the near future.

We’re still plugging away, going through inventory. I logged a few more seasons of Law & Order SVU (on season 16 ya’ll) and our warehouse is starting to empty out because it’s all in my office. It’s essentially a maze to get from the door to my desk without a box or stack of clothes falling on me but hey, it keeps me agile.

And that brings me to the end of the month which made it SO FUN. My cousin recently had her third baby and being the super-mom she is, she met us at a huge greenhouse with all her precious babes in 85 degree heat, all for some new, updated Snoots photos… and it went SO GOOD. New little baby is just darling. Shoutout to my cuz for being a cool mom (she’s not like other moms). Ya’ll know I can’t resist posting a photo of them but for blog exclusive content, I’ll post three. It was difficult to choose but these are a few of my favorites (I blew them up real big so you can see every detail):


Danielle is quite the photographer, ain’t she?? I’ll be uploading a video soon from the greenhouse, I’ve been pretty occupied with other tasks. I can’t wait for you guys to see how stinkin’ cute these little ones are… especially in their organic cotton. As if you can’t already see from these pics… ugh. So sweet.

Last but not least, we have another market coming up in July! We’ve been to one similar to this before and we always have a good turnout, but it would definitely be even better to see some of you there! Come hang out and shop around and just have a grand ole time. Here are all the details:

Sunday, July 21st – Merchants & Maker’s Vandermill Sale
Sale Times: 3pm – 7pm // $3 (Kids enter free!)
Vandermill Winery / Vineyard
14921 Cleveland Street
Spring Lake, Michigan 49456

Welllll, that’s all folks! June was a perfect halfway month. Hard to believe we’ve only got six more months of this year. Thanks for following along on our adventures. And for being awesome. We appreciate you so much. Talk to you in a few weeks!!




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