Happy end of July! We are on-time this month, peeps! Go me.

Okay.. July, July, July, where to begin. There was quite a bit out of the ordinary for us so it was nothing short of busy and exciting. We had a sale out in Spring Lake at the Vander Mill cider mill that went fantastic. It was so hot but so worth it. Our sales were great and it was awesome that several customers recognized us from previous sales and wanted to come say hi! What fun! If you haven’t made it out to a Merchants & Makers event yet, I highly recommend. All the coolest local vendors are there and the vendor number has grown with each event. One of the best ways to spend a weekend afternoon!

Probably my favorite moment of July was getting interviewed for a feature story on Snoots! Click HERE to check it out (and give it a heart while you’re at it!). The ever-so-talented and kind Aubree DeVisser, someone I’m very glad to call a new-old friend, has been featuring “Local Treasures” in the West Michigan area on her website in hopes to draw audiences to visit these lesser known small-business gems. I am so honored for Snoots in Cahoots to be included in this narrative. Small businesses tend to fall between the cracks of the commerce world and Aubree’s intentionality to bring genuine attention and love to the hard work of fellow Michiganders is a real gift. Follow her blog, her Instagram, and her Facebook to keep up with the next treasure she covers (or if you’re looking to buy a house since she is also a realtor!). Special thanks again to you, Aubree- go change the world, girl!

In other news, we restocked everything at Mom & Baby Again downtown Zeeland (see pic for some neat-freak folding)! Stop in there for some consignment and brand new children’s clothing, locally made goodies, stuffed animals, baby blankets, maternity wear, and just about anything else for the little loves in your life. We are also slowly but surely making progress wholesaling in a few other stores all around Michigan. If you know of any places that our clothing line would fit well at (pun intended) or would aesthetically belong, let us know! Comment below or email us at contactus@snootsincahoots.com

Last, but certainly not least, we partnered with several West Michigan area businesses to celebrate the Farm to Fork event hosted by 8th Day Farm in Holland! 8th Day Farm is a modern, organically grown farm located smack-dab in the middle in the city of Holland, which is right up our healthy-living alley. Every year they host an open-house style party with a bunch of local chefs preparing their special dishes from crops grown at the farm. We contributed to the raffle that also included items from Spring Sweet, BeeTree Photography, Bodhi Tree Juice Co., Michigan Awesome, and many more! If you get the chance to attend next year, you won’t regret it. And who doesn’t love a raffle??? 

I’m not going to lie, I was much more stressed than normal during July. This time of year always brings that out in me, which is strange because summer is the BEST season (don’t fight me on this). It’s true that putting your all into something you believe in takes blood, sweat, and tears. It’s equally gratifying as it is humbling. Please pray for our business and also for Danielle and I. Not only can this be physically tiring, it takes an emotional toll on our hearts and minds. As always, please know we love and appreciate you all and will never take the support from you for granted.

The next time you hear from me, I will be 21! Happy August! I’ll have more for you in 30 days. Until then!! 




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