Guess who’s back, back againnnn? It’s ME. With a whole lot to share and a BUNCH of excitement and the slow-fading of an ever-recurring swing of adrenaline. Hi! Welcome to 2020! Welcome to the blog! Welcome to my thoughts. Let’s get right into it, y’alls.

I figured I should begin with giving you a refresher-introduction of who is writing to you. So, hello there! My name is Marianne. I’m currently 21, typing to you from my office in Zeeland, MI. I work here at Snoots doing a lil bit of just about everything: folding, inventory, social media, marketing, sales, shows, designing, writing (one of my faves!), shipping, packaging, wholesaling, and anything in between. I’m not going to say I like it all, because I don’t, but I do love what it all means and I whole-heartedly believe all of it matters! I enjoy being with my family, my pups, my kitties, my friends, online shopping, in-store shopping, shopping in general, crime shows, Parks and Rec, going to the movies, kombucha, tequila (can I say that here?), and my car, Reggie. I am a health-food addict, and I’m always trying out funky alternatives to typical foods (such as chips made of sauerkraut..) and funky outfits which is slightly ambiguous considering I am more of an introvert, but I just love discovering and embracing things that make me feel me. I love this planet and the Creator which has led me to a passion for holistic living. And that, my friends, is what brings us to organic cotton baby clothes. I’m glad you’re here!

Now, to my returning readers, you know the drill. To my new readers, it’s time to review January!

After writing the December blog in 2019, I kept thinking about the actual words that I wrote. It was all truly how I felt, and strangely uncommon but how I still feel today. I know emotions are fleeting, but I’m really determined to take action this year and that hasn’t changed once in the past 30-ish days. Things have been crazy around here, but mostly crazy-good. We had a staff meeting at the beginning of January to discuss the past year; highs and lows, where we found success, where we need to grow, etc.. I won’t lie to you and say I was a-okay with it, I honestly felt stressed but it was almost like a necessary stress of sorts. Like a I’m-ready-to-get-started-even-though-I-have-so-much-to-do anxiety. Whew (see photo for my new best friends). But I channeled those feelings the best I could and from there, I got right to work.

I switched around and updated some aspects of the website, including finishing up our Give Back Campaign. We were able to donate quite a few bodysuits to the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital out in Grand Rapids, MI. Let me tell ya, I was so proud to deliver them and I can’t wait until we launch another donation-based sale. Thank YOU to everyone who purchased a bodysuit during the campaign.

After that, I spent some time organizing our marketing schedule for the year. I have done quite a bit of research and read some inspiring blogs that have given me insight to marketing in a way that is as efficient as it is effective. We’ve got some great sales planned for this year, so make sure you follow along on our social media and sign up for our email chain! You won’t wanna miss out. In fact, part of my planning included taking some new photos that you will get to see in early February. Think Valentine’s Day… 😉

And, of course, the never-ending joy of folding and folding and folding has followed us into the new decade. Did you know that once clothing gets unfolded, you have to fold it AGAIN? What a concept. But, I always feel so satisfied to see a pile of freshly folded tees after hours of sorting and whatnot, so, it works out. #instantgratification ?

We also got into a new market! I don’t have all the details yet but we will be sending out an email when the time is near. We would LOVE to see you, meet you, greet you, and show you our organic cotton pieces in person. More to come on that later.

Wellll, last but not least, I am so so SO excited to share that I was invited to be a guest speaker on a podcast!! One of my sweetest friends recently started her very own podcast and I am honored to have gotten to share some of my story on it. We talked all about Snoots in Cahoots but also about things I’ve learned over the past few years, the organic buzzwords that float around the business world nowadays, and some little tidbits that you’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out. 🙂 It was a blast. Click here if you have an iPhone, click here for Spotify, and click here to listen on Soundcloud. But make sure you subscribe to “Real Talk with Aubree DeVisser” wherever you listen to podcasts! She’s always got the best content and a heart of gold that shines through everything she does. You rock, Aubs.

All in all, this month was nothing short of busy. Just goes to show how planning ahead really invites more room into your life for productivity. I have really high expectations for this year, and I believe God has placed that on my heart for a reason. I’ve learned to be a much better communicator now that I’m getting older and it has changed my whole perspective on business, relationships, and it’s improved my emotional intelligence by a long-shot. This season of life is overwhelming, but I do not feel alone in it. I’m grateful for all the people in my life. Thank you for cheering us on, supporting us, and opening doors for us. I chose this year’s blog series to be titled 2020 Re-Vision for a few reasons (I mean, 2020 vision, c’mon) but most importantly because I want to see each month with fresh, wide-eyes, and look back on each month with revised wisdom, knowledge, change, and inspiration to do better. There’s so much life to live and every day we can learn so much from the previous one in order to make a real impact on this beautiful world moving forward. Thank you, Jesus, for Snoots in Cahoots. Cheers to February!




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