Well, here we are! January is complete. February is (finally!) upon us. Anyone else feel like January was twice as long as usual? LOL!

This is a new series of blog entries I’m trying out this year. I want to keep our lovely customers and friends in the loop of how each month is going for Snoots as every 30-ish days seem to bring something new 🙂 You’re invited to come and follow along with us, we love to have you here!

Soooo, January. In all honesty, it wasn’t our best month sales-wise, but that’s okay! We have expanded in many other ways and growth of any kind is significant to us. It’s truly a blessing. I’m so grateful to say that our Facebook page likes grew A LOT and it’s all thanks to YOU GUYS! Seriously, thank you. Small businesses like ours depend so much on local recognition and every bit helps in a huge way. Our email subscribers list has also DOUBLED this month alone! I love checking the stats every day and watching it grow little by little. Eeek!

Leaving January with smiles this big 🙂

Personally, this month I took a lot of time to research marketing tactics. It’s still trial and error which can be frustrating sometimes but I’m constantly discovering new things that I can use almost immediately and that’s exciting! In the middle of the month, I read an article about finding or creating a like-minded community or support group and how important it is when your market is mostly online. Luckily, organic and holistic living is already taking the culture by storm through essential oils, clean makeup, and non-GMO foods and products, so that sense of community is on the rise in the social media business world. Fingers crossed that organic clothing makes its way to the top soon!

We’re starting this year out with open hearts and open minds. It’s year two of an unpredictable yet adventurous and rewarding ride. We have a lot of trips planned to get us more involved in the nation-wide market and adventure out of Michigan. Who doesn’t love to travel to new places?! It’s all a learning experience, and we’re gonna have some fun with it.

I’m ending this post with saying once again how blessed we are to have such awesome friends and family that have helped us get this machine rolling to where we are present-day. I hope you all had a great January. We would love to answer some organic cotton questions or read some business tips/advice or receive feedback of any kind so hang out with us on Facebook or Instagram or even here on the blog! Join our organic community 😉

God bless you all, here’s to February! XO,


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