I wanted to post this a few days ago because of it being Leap Day but unfortunately, I couldn’t find time to sit down and write (thank you basketball tourneys and food poisoning!). So here we are, March 2020! Even that doesn’t seem real! It’s crazy the older you get, the quicker time goes by. I promise I’m only 21, not 50, but it’s true nonetheless. I’m excited about this month; feels like a new beginning of sorts. So hey, let’s talk about Snoots!

I think my favorite part of February was all the messages I received from customers of their children wearing our organic cotton. (See photo of one of my favorites!) There’s no feeling like witnessing your vision come alive. It gives me a sense of pride in our work, but it humbles me even more. It’s a reminder of why we’re in this, why we started, why we push when it’s difficult. It’s about preventative health. It’s about being a trustworthy source for parents with a million things going on at once. It’s about reducing the toxic intake in a world full of disruptors and unnatural products. It’s about creating clothing the way it should be. It’s about following God’s call to take a risk and trust in His promises. And so much more. I want to thank everyone that has sent us photos of your sweet little babies. It means much and makes my whole day. Thank you.

Switching gears: we launched a Valentine’s Day Giveaway and it was a success! There was major participation by our Facebook and Instagram community, and we had some new friends join the Snoots fam! Overall, it was fun. Kept me on my toes all Valentine’s week with anticipation. Thank you to everyone that liked, shared, and supported us. And congratulations to our winner! I’m looking forward to introducing a new giveaway soon.

I made some more organizational headway. To be honest, I’m not where I wish I was with getting organized and I’m feeling the pressure. We have several things in the works that I will be announcing when the time is right, so for now, I’m planning on spending March completing any unfinished projects. I have a complex about finishing things I’ve started and then burying myself in the existential anxiety that I can only blame on myself. Which gives me more stress. Haha. Yes. So. I’m addressing the problem, thanks for asking. I’m just an idea train with too many tracks to choose from. And also a metaphorical genius. I’m gonna stop now. So anyway, spring cleaning comes early this year! Please pray for us.

Oh yes! We have a new market coming up in mid-March and I would LOVE to see and meet you guys! Join us at the Merchants and Makers Clearance Market on Saturday, March 14th. Here are all the details:

Saturday, March 14th – Merchants and Makers Clearance Market hosted by Merchants and Makers
Sale times: 10am – 2pm // $3 entry fee – Kids have free entry!
Trillium Events
17246 Van Wagoner Rd
Spring Lake, Michigan 49456

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a Saturday full of great deals, great music, and great food! Bri Baron Music will be performing during the event, and food will be available through Trillium Events, and let me tell ya, the food is GOOD. The bar will be open also, so you’re in LUCK! Hehe. So please come! You’re bound to have a wonderful time. Click here to view the full list of vendors at the market, and click here to add this event to your Facebook notifications.

My last tidbit to share is *drumroll*… we have a new account in the works! I’m including it in the February update because it happened on the 27th (lol) but it’s not set in stone yet. I will have more details on that in the March post. I’m feeling very good about it! Growing in our wholesale department is my biggest goal for this year and it’s forcing me to really trust God that He knows what is best for us and where Snoots belongs. Fingers crossed we land this account, yo!

Now’s the time for me to say goodbye until we meet again in approximately 30 days. If I could ask anything of you, it would be to include us in your prayers. I know it may sound silly but I think there’s so much power in it. Starting a small business is hard emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially. Every little bit helps, and your prayers and support are huge. Keep sending us photos, keep staying in touch with our posts, keep building a community here! And, we post the content you send to us periodically so keep an eye out for that, also. 🙂 Love you guys, and I’m so thankful for you. Until next time.



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