baltic amber

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can wear Baltic Amber jewelry?

Anyone and everyone! Baltic Amber soothes babies when they’re teething and also solves minor issues such as drooling. Children can experience relief from growing pains AND adults find it beneficial for arthritis, headaches, body aches, and other pains. It has also been known to improve health for people with auto-immune diseases, such as lupus.

Is the Baltic Amber jewelry real?

Yes! We verify with multiple tests that the Baltic Amber we sell is authentic. All from Lithuania.

What are some of the health benefits of Baltic Amber?

Baltic Amber contains succinic acid, a natural pain reliever already found inside every person. It’s an immune system booster and a calming agent that doesn’t harm the body in any way. This method of healing is basically the holistic version of taking ibuprofen.

How does Baltic Amber work?

When the jewelry is worn directly on the skin, body heat causes the oil in the beads containing succinic acid to be absorbed into the skin and released into the bloodstream. The succinic acid then goes to work and soothes the pained area. To effectively receive the benefits of the jewelry, avoid getting it wet or covered in an outside substance as its raw state is the most impactful.

How do you wear Baltic Amber jewelry?

Baltic Amber jewelry should be worn directly on the skin, either exposed or underneath clothing. For best results, consider wearing it consistently.

*Please supervise children sleeping with jewelry of any kind as it may be a choking hazard and could lead to death or serious injury.*

What is the difference between a Raw Baltic Amber item and a Polished Baltic Amber?

Raw Baltic Amber is exactly that, raw. It has not been processed in any way. Some believe that Raw Baltic Amber has higher levels of succinic acid because it has not been processed in any way making it more “untouched”. Appearance-wise, the beads are matte and resemble that of a small stone. (Raw pictured left on desktop/top on mobile, polished pictured right on desktop/bottom on mobile)

Polished Baltic Amber has been heat-treated and pressure treated to remove the outlet layer. Polished Baltic Amber does still contain succinic acid, but possibly not as high of an amount. These beads are shiny and the interior of the beads look more liquified.

Both Baltic Amber types have the same benefits for everyone which really makes it your personal style preference.


Will you offer more colors and styles?

Of course! We are here for all of your Baltic Amber needs! If you are interested in a different color or size, contact us with your style preferences! We are happy to try our best to accommodate size and color requests.

What size will fit me?

All Baltic Amber necklaces and bracelet/anklets in the size “small” will fit most children and infants. Even some petite adults can wear this size of the necklace. We have expanded our inventory with sizes to fit older children and adults, most of these having an elastic band for more comfort. If you are unhappy with the fit, we are happy to help!