What are the benefits of Baltic Amber necklaces?

One of the main benefits of having your child wear an Amber necklace is for teething. When the Amber necklace is worn close to the skin, the natural resin releases a healing component called succinic acid. When this reaches the blood stream, it allows the body to naturally reduce drooling and pain associated with teething. If pain is not completely diminished, it’s significantly minimized.

More About Succinic Acid:

Succinic acid is nature’s analgesic, which is exactly what reduces or eliminates pain and inflammation. It’s an antioxidant that also improves your body’s immune system, calms the body down, and helps your body activate the production of proteins.

Who should wear Amber Jewelry?

EVERYONE. Baltic Amber jewelry is not just for children, the natural effects of the succinic acid can be beneficial to many different people.

Are you pregnant?

Wearing a Baltic Amber necklace can help your body relieve the stress associated with pregnancy without using any harsh chemicals. It’s natural components make it completely safe for you and your unborn baby.

Do you have arthritis in your hands?

Wearing a Baltic Amber bracelet can help with the swelling and pain associated with arthritis.

Are you often stressed?

Wearing a Baltic Amber necklace will help your body release the stress and naturally keep you calm.

Do your children have growing pains in their legs?

Wearing a Baltic Amber anklet will help with the pain children feel during growing pains. While it calms children down, it also keeps their little bodies balanced during this important time in their lives.

Are your family members often sick?

Continually wearing Baltic Amber jewelry will help your immune system stay strong when its being attacked by viruses and bacteria. If your children are going to school or are in a setting with large attendance, the Baltic Amber could help them stay healthier and feel better all the time.

Be sure to keep in mind that Baltic Amber is not a quick fix. In order to reap all the benefits of absorbing the succinic acid, be sure to wear the Baltic Amber jewelry as consistently as possible. To do this, the Baltic Amber needs to be touching your bare skin completely. Do not wear it over clothing. It is also recommended to remove all Baltic Amber products before showering or bathing, and do NOT allow unsupervised children or infants to wear jewelry of any kind while sleeping as it could lead to injury or death.

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